“Buddy Buddy Buddy” Creates C2C Business Category for the Sharing Economy

We've connected the dots.  The sharing economy is pointing to one inevitable result... the missing link: a C2C selling platform.  We've developed it.

To make it happen, we are targeting what could be the largest, single revenue stream online—Google's $38B pay-per-click business—with a superior, socially driven Pay-Per-Sale advertising model.  No one else is going after that treasure in this way.

Using our platform consumers can now benefit from a "like" simply for sharing information about their online purchases with their social media friends.  The result is Consumer-to-Consumer selling — the stores to unveil this will become visionary leaders in the online marketplace.

When shoppers share info on a product they've purchased and those friends also purchase, they are rewarded... and rewarded again when friends of friends purchase... and AGAIN when friends of friends of friends purchase.  This fuels the sales funnel with the holy grail of online advertising: the trusted referral.

We call it "Buddy Buddy Buddy" based on the concept of "three degrees of referrals/rewards".

Just as people can be their own taxi service with Uber... or their own in-keeper with AirBnB, now people can be their own "virtual retailer" and earn valuable rewards for endorsing products they've purchase and in effect "sell" to their friends.  C2C!

Timing is Everything

After ads get blocked nearly out of existence in the near future, what's left? How will the web make money? How will the Internet innovate its way around this?


BBB re-invents online advertising for the 21st century,
and we call it "Referral-ti$ing".






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