From MIT to Mark Zuckerberg to Buddy Buddy Buddy

What MIT Technology Review magazine said Facebook Needs:


What Mark Zuckerberg Sees As The "Holy Grail" Of Revenue Bliss:


What We've Created That Solves For Both Of The Above:


Our three-level rewards mechanism is the "earth-changing idea" that MIT eludes to that would transform Facebook into something beyond just another ad-supported site.


The motivated referral platform we call "Referral-ti$ing" is the "holy grail" — the trusted friend referral described by Zuckerberg.


These features together deliver a system that rewards shoppers directly and effortlessly—one click on the order confirmation page—for simply posting info about their purchase.  It does away with the need for pay-per-click advertising in favor of a superior Pay-Per-Sale model.  It signals the end of the dread click ad and takes out the advertising middle-man altogether passing that savings onto the consumer.

To find out more about how the Buddy Buddy Buddy model works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a consumer, check out this video, or take a study of this infographic to get a quick understanding of the core principles of our platform.  Or, as a merchant, take a moment to read about how our system works for you to deliver a superior shopping rewards experience that transforms online advertising into Referral-ti$ing and gets rid of the advertising middle-man.



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